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When there is nothing good on the television, I will of the watch videos on YouTube for my entertainment. Not only do I enjoy watching videos there, but so do both of my girls. What I really think I need is a youtube video downloader so that I can save some of our favorite videos. There are a few I have watched several times and I really would like to see them again. It would be nice to be able to have them since my internet connection is not the best at times. I would at least be able to watch my favorites without having to connect to the internet. I would also be able to provide entertainment for the kids if the power were to go out. We could watch the videos on our laptop.

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Letter From Mom and Dad

I miss my parents so much; they were taken away from me since I was a kid. And whenever I watch this video, I can’t help but to cry. I always wonder what life is like when they’re around. But one thing I am sure no matter how old or how cranky they are I will never be fed up of taking care of them and I hope my kids will also take good care of me when I grow old.
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Welcome Home Daddy!

It would be a nice surprise for the kids who have never seen their Dad for a very long time, we could maybe see a river of tears between them, how much more when their Dad is a soldier and is assigned to a very far away country. Here are some of the videos I just found in you tube, I tell you when I watched the video; I can’t help but to cry.
Here’s another one:
Now this one is cute
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The Charming Rafael

Do you still remember this boy?

This was the boy we have seen in the mall singing his heart out in the appliance area. The one who was with him at that time was his Dad. I even thought at that time, that there’s a big chance for this kid to become a singer. I actually posted this kid in my other blog.
When I sent my sister and her daughter to the gate, my daughter was watching TV in the living room, when suddenly she screamed and said “Ma, this was the boy who sang in the mall” Yes, he was among the contestant in the Pilipinas Got Talent.
I also learned that his Dad past away even before I think that was the final of Pilipinas Got Talent. I also learned that the name of this kid is Rafael.
This was the video I took in the mall last December:
And this was the video from the Pilipinas Got Talent:
Way to go Rafael, we are so proud of you!
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