Conscious With Her Bedroom

Mariel is getting conscious with her bedroom and now that she’s working already, she always tells me she would like to change the pain in which they did. Her boyfriend helped her painting but I thought they changed the paint of the whole room, I realized they just repaint some part of it, including the small table. Recently she also bought this corner hook; she said it was on sale, she was able to get some percent off at the mall she’s working for. It was a great deal, I wanted to buy the same thing too but I am still thinking about it because I want to buy a computer table. The one that we are currently using is the roller steel tray that it was used for frying pans storage before.

On the other hand, I want to surely buy a kind of design that will fit here in the corner, so far I could not see anything yet. Hopefully today since we will be going out for Kids Kumon, after Kumon I would like to go there and check. I am crossing finger I can find one and maybe will buy it next week, when I already have the right budget.

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