Keeping Your Home Cool and Comfortable

An air conditioning system provides more than cool air. It helps to keep the humidity in a home or business at the correct level. In the days before air conditioning, people used a variety of ways to keep cool. The methods used also helped keep their homes from having too much moisture. High humidity levels inside can lead to the growth of mold.

Home Design Helped People Cool the Home

Homes were built in certain ways to help get the maximum amount of air flow. Windows were placed across from each other allowing for cross ventilation. The home’s eaves or the overhang from the roof was deeper over windows to help block the sun. The east and west sides of the house received protection from the sun by planting trees for shade.

Many older houses had wrap-around porches that allowed the residents to move from one side of the home to another to stay out of the sun. Some even had porches that were screened so that people could sleep outside when the weather was extremely hot. The porches also helped to shade the windows.

The Invention of Air Conditioning

Even when air conditioning was invented it was initially quite expensive. Many people could not afford to air condition their homes, so they continued to come up with ways of staying cool. Fans first came along in the 1800s, and ceiling fans grew in popularity, particularly in the south. Today they are used in combination with air conditioning to help cool the home.

Most people do not think about the days before air conditioning. They just turn it on when the weather begins to get warm. It is usually not given another thought until it stops keeping their home comfortable.

Air conditioning maintenance is a must, especially in areas where the temperatures can soar. This can be beneficial to prevent expensive repairs and replacement. However, sometimes even with the best maintenance, air conditioning systems need replacing. One example of a company offering ac repair atasocita texas is Air On Time AC.

Air conditioning may have been considered a luxury at one time, but today it is often necessary. Depending on the area where you live, temperatures can climb above 100 on a daily basis during the summer months. Heat stroke is a danger for older people. Air conditioning provides comfort, but it can be beneficial to health as well.

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