Our Neighbor Is Repairing Their Gutter

And I am so envious because they were able to do it right away when they found that the gutter is already busted. The gutter almost falling off now and in no time they were able to hire someone to fix it, in fact they were able to replace the whole gutter instead of only fixing the part that almost falls off already but me I am still trying to save at least to renovate the whole house, I need at least P 100, 000. 00 pesos to fix and to put an extra bedroom at least before my husband will arrive.  Oh no, don’t get me wrong my husband won’t be arriving soon, he is also saving for it.

Now that the car is busted, I used my savings for me to repair it plus my husband wasn’t able to wire recently as scheduled because he is running out of budget already. I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to lose hope to fix the house especially my kids are looking forward for it. I need to sell the car at least after it is fix but I also need to attend the kids enrollment.

I can see the improvement of our neighbor’s house, while I am still stock with just planning.

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