Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe around Horses

Having a horse can be an exciting experience for a child. However, horses are very powerful animals and children need to be taught how to stay safe when they are around horses. The following tips can help parents keep their children safe when they are near horses.

First, it is important for parents to set a good example. They want to pay attention to how they handle the horse in order to set the right example for their children. When you set rules for how your child must interact with the horses, show your child how to follow these rules. For example, use your voice to let the horse know where you are. Walking up behind a horse can startle it. This has led to children and adults being kicked and injured. However, when your children see you using your voice to let the horse know where you are and you follow other rules, they will do the same.

Second, make sure that the horse your child rides is appropriate for their age and their size. It is also important to watch your child and the horse as the child gains experience. The more you know about the horse and your child’s experience with horses, the more ready you will be to avert disaster and allow everyone to have a good experience working with the horse.

Third, offer your kids the ability to take riding lessons from a professional. This third suggestion may be necessary if you do not have a lot of riding experience yourself. When you do riding lessons, your children need to have appropriate clothing, like girls riding pants, for example. Working with a professional will help your children to learn all of the rules of riding and help them to handle the horse in a safe way.

Fourth, if possible, get your kid involved with an equestrian organization or club. The great thing about doing something like this is that it helps your kid stay focused, and it helps them to learn how to work with horses in the proper way. It provides them with a hobby that they will enjoy. They will be outside working with nature. And for many kids who have belonged to a equestrian organization or club, they have grown up to make a living with a career that is somehow related to working with horses.

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