I Will Be Putting Up My Christmas Tree On October!

It’s September and in no time I will be putting up some Christmas decoration in the house and I can’t wait. I am planning to put up a Christmas tree maybe on October. I will be very busy again spending time in the mall to look for some Christmas Decorations. Yes, here in the Philippines we tend to put up Christmas decorations earlier than October. Some of us are already starting this month. We give importance of putting some sparkly decorations inside the house than of putting a Halloween decoration. I am sure in the state they won’t put Christmas decoration so early since they have to put some Halloween decoration first.

My workmate, one of the supervisors in the company I work for, handed me some Christmas balls. The moment she said that she didn’t know where to put those Christmas balls that has been sitting on her table; I suggested if she can give it to me because I will be glad to receive it. I was surprised she really handed it to me and I am delighted.

I don’t know yet what theme color I will be putting on my Christmas tree this year, but I am sure the Christmas balls that she gave me will be very useful for my Christmas tree.


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