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Organize Your Cleaning Suplies

We tend to forget our cleaning supplies but you know so well that these are very important and most of the times, when we need it, we just walk back and forth in our house, looking for it. Oh well, you must consider to put all the cleaning supplies altogether so when you are going to look for it, you know where to go.

If you have bulk of cleaning supplies, stack it in a cart. Cart is movable so you can pull your products wherever in the house. It would save you time, because you don’t have to do multiple trips just to corral all your essentials.

If you have a hang shoe organizer, you might want to use it to place all your cleaning essential. I have one but it stack with shoes, I may have to throw these shoes away since we don’t use it at all. But it would be cleverer if you just stash it spray bottles. Using this shoe organizer would free up some shelves in your house, or the cabinet under your sink.

If you can still put shelves in the bathroom, you may do so; put all the cleaning supplies in a tub. Put some label so you have an idea which is which or what tub did you put a certain cleaning supplies that you may use that day.

That is for today folks, enjoy!


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