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Make Our Lives Very Convenient

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

One of the things that I shopped online for our home is the microwave oven. It was even almost free, the site asked to write about them and I can get the microwave oven half a price. It was a good deal right? So I took the opportunity right away. And until now, the microwave oven is still sitting on the corner and is very useful whenever we have foods we need to warm. Since then I became comfortable checking for some sites that offers good prices. And right now since I filed leave at work, I spend my time here checking for some home accessories that I can buy for our home sweet home. And it is just right because my favorite site offers promo codes. Who doesn’t like Groupon Coupons? I guess none of us adored promotions especially when the item is very useful for our house. I am a practical shopper, I don’t buy things that are not needed at home. Oh well as my husband said I am the head of Budget Financing and I am good at it.

I was drooling literally when I learned that Bed Bath & Beyond is giving their customer a good deal through promo codes. Geez my hands get very itchy when I saw their products, I wanted to buy all of them but I know I needed to budget, these promo codes can help us Moms to enjoy while shopping, I mean who won’t enjoy this one time offer, and this beneficial products, I mean this can make our lives very convenient. Do you agree?

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Rats At Home

I hate rats!

I remember when we moved in this house, I saw only one and I bought paper glue to it right away but it didn’t work, the rat seems avoiding it. Yeah this mouse is very smart. So I stop but as the year’s passes by, it got many. Our dog can sense it and wanted to catch the rat but she is not as quiet and not quick as the rat so she came so upset and desperate to catch it. I need to do something about it. I tried the poison food for them but they just pass by it.

The other day, I dropped by at the Grocery Store; I took 2 pieces of paper glue. When I got home I put the 2 pieces of paper glue under the food rack that we have here. After a while Faith woke me up saying three mice were trapped. Mj took it under the food trap when she went home. Faith said she saw four mice so, there’s one that is on the run. So we put another 2 pieces, and after a moment saw one mouse but in the morning Mj found two, she throws them right away. I hope there is nothing left already as I hate them!


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Healthy Environment To Live Is Important

TCE (trichloroethylene) is an industrial solvent used by various industries and the miltary.. It is the most frequently reported contaminate in ground water and one reason why TCE removal is important. As a contaminant, it is readily absorbed into the environment.

I am not a chemist, nor do I claim to know much about pollutants, but because I value the health of my family. Whenever I read an article or here about something that may harm our health, I want to learn more. I am glad that I do not live in or near or work in an industry that would expose me directly to TCE. However, since TCE has been found in drinking water does not mean that me I may not be exposed to it.

If you find or suspect that your environment has been polluted by something like TCE, it is important it know who to go to, so that you can get an accurate analysis and have the polluted site cleaned.

What harm can exposure TCE do? Various forms of cancer, including but not limited to: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Leukemia, Rectal Cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. Additionally TCE exposure has been linked to, low birth weight, miscarriage and deformities in new born babies.
The list of health problems associated with TCE is much longer than this.

I dread the health costs of dealing with something like TCE exposure that is why removal is a must. My kids are precious to me as I know yours are to you. Make sure they have a healthy environment to live in is important.

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