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Added The Shoe Rack In My Cart

We just arrived home, after I fetched Faith from school we went to SM to meet up with my niece. She went out to apply for a job. It is my rest day today so I want to have some time with kids in the mall. But Mj have to attend her Kumon, Faith has but I let her absent today since she was not able to answer the worksheets at home because she needs to review for her exam. Mj doesn’t like to absent since she is looking forward to finish her current level for Math in Kumon right away.

On the other hand, when I signed for my Facebook to do blog hopping, I bumped in with this closet in Lazada. I got amazed with the price it is pretty so affordable thus I opened it.


 photo d56c5249-5be6-4fa7-918c-2706abd3c8c5.jpg

But when I scanned the page more, I found this amazing shoe rack. It is 140 cm tall x 24cm deep. It has 10 layers so we can store so many shoes in this rack. The one that we have is so short and it is already full of shoes. We need another rack but I want it to be like neat and unique and I haven’t seen this kind of rack in the mall so I guess if I will buy this, I have the right choice.

 photo shoerack.jpg

The total amount that I am going to pay for this is only P 380.98; shipping fee is already included. I did not use any card since this is cash delivery. The shoe rack original price was P 999.00, they are currently on 74% off. The discounted price is P 261.98. I know for sure that I was able to save some bucks if I will buy this one. So why not grab the opportunity as I had been looking for this for a long time already.

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Color Your House The Best

My niece want to re-paint her bedroom, I am not sure what color she would buy for the bedroom I did not answer her request because I want to hire someone who will do the painting for us. I haven’t find someone yet the reason why it took so long plus I think my budget is not yet enough as well. If there’s painting contractors right here just like the painting contractors Tempe AZ I would not have any problem anymore besides of their talent and skilled workers to have your home extra ordinary impressive, they are so easy to deal business with plus they don’t just put the painting as they want but they always approach the customers by walking you through options for you to have the best paint color that you want to have in your house.

This contractor will always follow what you like the reason why they are consistent and efficient their work. They finish the job on time but you will not feel that they did it fast that the paint color just mess up. You can visibly see how they are perfectly doing their job because the result is very satisfying. Since they are very efficient, they always arrive at work on time, so there’s no delay and they are very serious about it. As they said time is gold, they don’t want to waste time when dealing with their customers so you can see only not good but best results. They have free estimates too so by consulting them you will know already how much would it cost you for the whole house, therefore you will have enough time to save up for your painting project. They don’t care about how long it will take you to have the budget, they would wait for you until you already have enough and the service is still intact, you will get the quality of their painting job so perfectly.

Some contractors might have hidden charges but with them, whatever cost that you get for the quotation, they would follow it. They would make you check the terms and conditions of the contract so for you to be aware the services provided to you. They can also help you recommend or suggest you of the color based on what color you desire that would match the same format structure of your house so that you will have self-assurance all the way.

If others will just leave you when the job is done, with them, they don’t. After the work is over, they would visit your house to check if their painting had a good result and you don’t have any complain about it. This is how they serve you because they believe that their customer deserve everything in the world especially when it comes to your home.  They know that your house is very important to you and so since you just want the best for your house, they don’t just give your house a better house than before but the best that it can be.

When you look for a company to do the painting job at home, don’t just stick with their skill but they should be knowledgeable of what they are doing, this is where the best of the best come from. I mean everyone knows how to paint, I know how to paint but with how it work, what materials that you should apply or the choices of color, these are the things that we should consider. Hiring painting contractors Tempe AZ is the complete package. I am telling you, your house will have a good impressive look when they are done with it. They are known for the quality of their work so can you be wrong if you choose them. So get them and be happy with your home sweet home.


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