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It has been a hot summer here, that should not come as a surprise, it would be odd if it wasn’t.  With temperatures as high as they are, we tend to use more water, especially in my household with two very active daughters.  We try to be conservative in our water and energy use, but in summer we just have to use more.

You might want to know where I am going with this?  Well a couple of years ago I noticed a sharp increase in our water bill.  Yes it was summer, but the increase was above what we normally could expect.  We live in a 40 year old split-level house which means we have 40 year old plumbing.  It turns out we had a leak in one of the water supply lines to an upper level bathroom.  How did we figure this out?  We didn’t, we saw wet ceiling tiles on the lower level ceiling.  Kind of hard to miss when it was above my wife’s favorite place to sit on the sofa.

No one in my family could trace the leak though we tried. Unless it is something very simple, I am not about to attempt a plumbing repair, simply because I could do more harm than good.  At me best, I could be described as a barely adequate handyman.  I never knew there were so many parts to a supposedly simple shower fixture.  I did not know that special tools may be required for the repair.  A big reason to call a professional plumber and not attempt it myself.  Also I was afraid of damaging the tile around the fixture.   Also we wanted the service as soon as possible, we did not know what damage the leak would cause or what would happen if leaking water hit an electric line.  Not good thoughts.

To be honest, I didn’t even know where the water supply cutoff valve for the house was (its located in the laundry room in on the lower level).  The leak was located by a professional plumber and it was coming from the cold water faucet in the bathtub in the kids bathroom.  Not something I would even attempt to fix.  I guess the original owners of the house, who we bought it from, never changed out any of the bathroom fixtures.  Now we were left to do it.  I am surprised the home inspection prior to us buying the house did not find it.  Then again it just may have started shortly after we moved in.

We have had to call plumbers  a few times, not at this location but at others.  Some have been very professional and those we have called back as needed, others have either been rude, expensive or just unprofessional, these we never called again.  We are loyal customers of businesses and services that are that are timely, provide excellent repair services and modifications as needed and do not over charge for their work.

When moving to a new area, you might believe that finding a good plumber is as easy as looking one up in the yellow pages or finding one online.  The best plumbers Chandler AZ I have found are by reading ratings or referral.  In my opinion, reading testimonials of satisfied customers goes a long way in helping me choose a plumber.  Plumbing work can run into serious money.

In the past when calling for a plumber I have been told that we will get to it when we can or does tomorrow sound good?  There are times when you need a plumber, you need one right now.

We were very happy with the service provided by the plumber we called and have called them for other things like septic system maintenance, leaky toiled tank repair and kitchen faucet replacement.  Some plumbing may seem simple until you start, but for me the deeper you look into it the more I think a professional plumber is a better choice.

Calling an experienced,  reliable and timely professional was the best decision I could have made.  The best advice I can give to anyone, when it comes to plumbing jobs around the house, call a professional.


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