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Our Door Needs A Replacement

This is the current state of our main door, as I mentioned before the door needs to be replace. When? I don’t know yet maybe when I already have a budget for it. I hope I have the right budget soon, because it is not only the door that I am concerned about, it is also the gutter and the awning for the garage.

 photo IMG_0145.jpg

See those holes, that where the termites lived 

 photo IMG_0144.jpg

A closer look

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Shield Your Family

It was one stormy day, from morning until the sun sets; wind blowing so hard, it was actually whistling and it make our roof above torn apart. Good thing, the roof didn’t fly over otherwise we will be soaking wet under. And before one sheet of the roof almost gave up, the storm was already over. I called someone right away to fix our roof. It was almost night time but thank GOD they worked over time to fix our roof.

When you do a construction to your roof, it is either you have it repair or installing it up yet, it is best if you get the expert, because if you don’t, you might end up wasting your money and effort when the roof gives up. Roof is the most important part in our house, without it, your house will never be safe. Fussing over the leak of the roof can put you in the hospital, let’s say there’s a leak in your house and you are repairing it yourself, since you don’t know how or not an expert at all, the leak was never repaired and because you have to do it again, you will need to meddle the circumstances even if it’s raining or snowing then it will cause you, your health. While contacting an expert from the very start, would make your life easy at all. You don’t have to waste your time and effort plus you are confident at all that the problem is resolved. But don’t find just anyone, I am telling you it is best to rely on expert.

They say that the best recommendation is through the word of mouth, oh well I am confident to recommend you the roof repair glendale, why I am confident? Because through times they have proven their worth when it comes to their skills and talent with either installing a new roof or replacing the old roof, Not only with just simply installing it but they would help you in suggesting materials until you get what you like for your home. If you have emergency repair for your roof, they are just a phone away and they would run to your door, ready to repair your roof right away to prevent more damage. If you are worried of the expenses, well they have choices so to settle what materials they will be using base on your budget. As I mentioned above, they will help the best as they can to serve their customer right. If you want to estimate yet how much the budget is for such, they offer free estimates, so just approaching them will make you even more special. You are in good hands with roof repair glendale and I am sure you will get to satisfy when they start working with you. Do not just settle for anything less, because you deserve more.

Remember that repairing the roof temporarily can be a high risk so if you want to do it right, do not follow the quick fix but contact the roof repair glendale the soonest possible time. It is for your own good and your family’s safety and health, if the roof gives up I am telling you it is no fun at all. Putting basin or pails to catch the leak is too much a hassle, so take your time, do the budget right and call the expert. Make the roof the crown of your house, make it stand tall among the rest of the roof, and put a dignity on it. Most importantly is that you have a shield for your family and that they are comfortable to it.


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Maybe This Is The Right Time

I have plans in replacing our main door; our main door has many termites. They have created a home in our main door. It is obviously so visible when you approach  our house and definitely it is not pleasing to the eyes. So when the budget will come right after I will have our gutter repair, I will make time and save for a new main door. As the front door is always get the first statement when the visitor will approach to our home so maybe just maybe I can buy a new door on December, hopefully.

What to choose when buying a new door? You have to make sure that it matches the color of your home. When the style and color palette matches, it will leave a good impression from our guests or visitors. Houses front doors, like patio doors, garage doors, glass sliders, French doors, can be found under exterior doors. So in case you will need main doors, just go over with the category that I mentioned so you will not waste your time roaming around a hardware store.

If you want your home to contribute the whole appearance of your home, maybe this is the right time to buy a new main door. Save! Save! Save!


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The Chimney Cleaning

Most people think that a fireplace is very romantic or makes for a cozy evening at home with friends and family.  One thing that most of us don’t think about is proper care for fireplaces and chimney’s.  If you remember the movie “Mary Poppins,” the character played by Dick Van Dyke was a chimney sweep.  During the days when coal furnaces were a primary way to heat homes, keeping the chimney clean was very important to insure you didn’t coal soot all over your home.  Professional chimney cleaning was essential to maintain clean, safe operation.  The same can be said for fireplace, whether you burn would, have gas furnace installed or use alternative fuels proper professional maintenance is essential.

We bought a house that had a gas burner installed in the fireplace.  It was very cozy when we would use it. but we learned the hard way that the previous owners really did take care of it.  We saw soot build up in the house which indicates.  My immediate thought that something must be wrong with the flue or damper. it turned out that the problem was a bit bigger than that.  The flue was sound, however the crown was damaged, teh damper was inoperative and was not allowing smoke to vent properly.  As a matter of fact, the smoke was coming back into the house.  Unfortunately, we ceased using the fireplace until we could get it repaired.

I think most of us really don’t realize how a chimney works or what the various parts are for.  For instance, a flue is basically a duck or shaft for venting gas.  In a chimney an unlined or damaged flue lining can be a fire hazard.  Also having a non working or damaged damper can cause these exhaust gasses and or soot to flow back into the house, this can be a health hazard and well as causing smoke damage and stains to your home and possessions.  What a mess we had to clean up after not realizing the damper on our fireplace was not working properly.  We had to scrub then repaint the walls in the room where the fireplaces is located.  I am glad that we did not have any health issues because of my failure to be more diligent in having the fireplace and chimney checked out by a professional before using it.

In the end this ended up costing us more money than it should have because we used the fireplace before having it serviced.  The additional cost do to repainting and cleaning could have been avoided.

Finding quality, dependable fireplace and chimney cleaning in Phoenix cleaning  in Phoenix area is no harder than checking out the link provided.   I learned my lesson the hard way by not taking the time to have our chimney checked out.  After buying the house, the first thing I should have done before using the fireplace was to call a professional to make sure everything was in working condition and it was clean.

Think of all the various vents you have in your home.  We have central heating and air conditioning.  We have our ducts cleaned periodically to reduce dust and make sure there are on blockages. We have noticed that our furnace/air conditioner work better with clean ducts.  The same can be said for our clothes dryer.  Making sure the dryer exhaust duct/line is cleaned routinely can extend the life of your dryer.

Find the right professional to service your fireplace and make sure your vents and ducts are clean can go a long way to improve the quality of your life.  Whether we want to believe it or not, the appliance in our home, especially things like improperly working fireplace, furnaces and dirty ducts are a source for indoor pollutants.  Making sure they are clean and in good operating condition can go a long way to help us maintain our health and improve our quality of life.


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