A Lot To Do With Our Home

I love to entertain, especially at home. Well we bought a house that could use some work, especially on the outside. I mean we have lots of unused space that I would like to have a nice patio built. Right now, we have nothing. My husband likes to barbecue, not only for the family, but for friends as well. It is about the only kind of “party” he enjoys.

So what to do with a yard that looks more like a vacant lot than a place where we can relax, play games or entertain family and friends? Well, as I mentioned the idea of building a nice patio comes to mind. I have some ideas but other than planting a few plants and getting rid of the weeds, we really need some professional help.

What i have in mind is not really a do-it-yourself project, it really needs professional design and construction. That is where a company like Columbus Paver Patios can be a big help. I have seen some of the photos on their website and I am really impressed.

So now I have to think of what kind of lighting on want and choose a design I like. I am sure that the contractor can suggest a good barbeque grill or if we so desire build one.

I want to involve my girls in the process by sharing with them the photos I have seen and see what they think. Yes they are only 8 and 14, but I want them involved. It is their house too. Even though as my husband will say, there is one of me and two of them so I have three votes. Not fair, but then I am the boss.

The next step for me is to get select a design I like, get an estimate and see if it will fit our budget.

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