Display Merchandise in a More Organized Fashion

Retail stores often seem cluttered and have narrow walkways for patrons to browse through the merchandise. Better overall organization of the store’s items can create more floor space and a better appeal to the customers at the same time.
Slatwall Display Units

Slatewall display units that remain flat against walls allows store owners to install shelving. Hook systems can also be placed on these display units. This opens up more floor space and organizes the inventory in a more pleasing way. Folded and carefully displayed items, with just a few of each type or size, show the selection available without all of the clutter.

Multi-Directional Display Units

Multi-directional and 4-way slatwall displays are ideal for retail store floors. This provides an opportunity to showcase multiple outfit options, displaying separate pieces to an outfit or individual components of non-clothing related items. These options are versatile in that they are able to hold shelves or hook systems. The displays also configure easily and can be changed to showcase items in a different order.

Slatwall display units allow store owners to create their own spacing gaps between items. It also allows for some creativity in creating offset shelving configurations. Finding the right type of wood and proper finish is also ideal. Click here to view available finish options to match new display units to existing pieces within the retail location.

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