5 Super Interior Painting Tips

In most cases, people fit into a two groups as far as interior painting is concerned. First, there are those who imagine the task will be easy, uncomplicated, and finished in a couple of hours. Then there are those who are completely petrified by the idea of interior painting. Of course, no one is trying to claim that painting is easy; however, it certainly isn’t terrifying! Take a look at these 5 steps to get your painting groove on without any hassle.

1. Cleaning
Make sure to remove all grime, dust, and other debris stuck to your walls and ceiling before you start painting. Water, a bit of a gentle detergent, and a sponge will do. Be sure to rinse afterwards.

2. Cutting Corners
Clutching your reliable 2-2.5 inch trim brush, create a band around the border of the room where the wall and ceiling meet.

3. Ceiling Work
Use a roller on the ceiling first; however, prior to painting anything, get rid of any extra paint form the roller using the ridges of the paint tray.

4. Coat The Walls
After your ceiling is completely dry, the walls are next. Take your trim brush to cut in along the line of the wall ceiling, including any moldings on windows and doors. This will give you adequate room if you need to use your roller again to paint a large area in a short span of time.

5. Painting The Trim
The final phase is to paint the trim. Your paint should be completely dry before using painters blue tape to tape where the trim and wall meet. Paint the frames, baseboard, and moldings with an angled brush.

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