Medal Frame For My Daughter’s Medal

Going to church on Sunday is really fulfilling, listening the word of GOD can really make your heart full of love and wisdom and so since my family and I really did not celebrate Valentine’s Day last Friday, I tagged my kids and nieces to the mall that we seldom visit, the SM Lanang. After church, I drove them off to the mall for lunch, we supposed to just look for pizza parlor but we are so starving that pizza along could not fill in our stomach. We went to Classic Savory restaurant instead, I was in a budget but with an empty tummy, the budget will be ruined. But good thing I still have money left when I ordered fried chicken and their special Patatin for us. And of course, the meal will not be over without us taking pictures.

 photo pizapcom13927951241041_zps01bcd966.jpg

On the other hand, I have mentioned in some of my blogs of a medal frame. I saw this medal frame years back in one of the mall and I told myself that someday I will buy the frame so I could put all the medal of my eldest daughter as a souvenir from her swimming competition. When my husband went here last January, we went to Ace Hardware and I saw this medal frame, we purchased it right away. Here’s the medal frame with my eldest daughter’s medal.

 photo HPIM2567_zps2eaa3f70.jpg

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