A Better Solution To Get Rid Of Those Pests

I already mentioned about how to minimize ants in your home. Now with dust mites, you should vacuum mattresses and pillows, change them from time to time and wash bed sheets with hot water to kill those dust mites. Cockroaches, geez this is the most enemy of my kids. For repelling cockroaches, the best for them are bay leaves, cucumber, and garlic. You can also put small sachets of catnip around baseboards, cockroaches are usually hiding behind counters so make you also put catnip there. For unseen roaches, place boric acid on top of kitchen cabinets, but be aware that these could be harmful to kids so make sure to keep those away from your children.

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  1. Caryl Anne says:

    Great post! I would have never thought to use catnip for repelling bugs. It seems simple and effective. Thanks for sharing your advice!

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