The Check Did Not Work

After 2 days at least they already done repairing the roofs and the ceiling but they left with one bulb outside not working. I don’t know what happen, I suspected of a bulb does not function at all and I need to buy a new one for it. I hope that’s only the problem because if the problem is in the wiring I could not do anything with that but to leave it as it is, we are going to move out anyway. Yes I can’t wait until we can move out already but I am worried because until now we still did not pay the 70% of the house. The check that my husband sent through Fed Ex is not seems helping at all. I have to open a dollar account for me to encash it and I have to wait 30 days clearing. I need the money right now so my husband just advised me to burn it and he will have to look for means for me to send me the money, he used the xoom but I am afraid if we will send volume of amount of money, it would lead to a freezing account. I am still wishing we can pay the whole amount of 70% this month.

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