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Season Spent Well

My Little Home celebrated Christmas so simple, my niece and cousin was task to do their Korean recipe in the kitchen and I just slice some ingredients for the Sweet and Sour. Yes I did not do anything since I was not feeling well; I had a terrible headache the whole day. I just went off to drive at my friend’s house to get the moist cake and butterscotch I ordered from her. So at Christmas Eve, we had Moist Cake, Butterscotch, Fruit Salad as usual, Mango Float, Sweet and Sour Fish, Chopsuey that ended up to the neighbor’s dog because it was spoiled the next day, we also had Patatin.

We still don’t know what we are going to prepare though in New Year, but there’s one thing I am sure of is that we will be celebrating with singing because I just bought a Mega Vision Videoke, it has lots of songs and most of them are new. My eldest daughter is so excited about it because her favorite song is there and that’s the A Thousand Years from Breaking Dawn. I thought to celebrate our New Year in Camp Holiday but it was full already I should have made our reservation months ago but anyway it’s okay though I think after New Year we will also going to celebrate it in one of the hotels here in the city.

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