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A Bottle Of Wine This Time

My husband attended again a party last Tuesday; he was so excited what it is this time he would get. Last week he got some cookies and they were all yummy. So even I was not feeling well, I waited for him to be online and asked him what does he got this time? He was like sad since he got a bottle of wine and he is not much a wine drinker so he gave it away to his workmate. I think I have posted this number of times already that when my brother-in-law gave him a beer, he would sip a little then secretly he would throw it in the sink. We were laughing about it because my brother-in-law was surprised and said so it is not true that he doesn’t drink anymore because he finished the glass of beer in an instant.

I missed going to Christmas parties though and the Kris Kringle stuffs and this make me miss working. I am not saying that I am complaining about taking good care of my kids, in fact they are the reason why I am always busy this time. I just miss the feeling that you are working and you find yourself more useful? A satisfaction that I can do things and I can also be the bread and butter of my family, oh how I wish I can be at one place in the same time, just like you are working and at the same time you are there with your kids at home. Moreover, I am not sure yet though if my husband has many more parties to attend next week.

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