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Music For My Daughter This Month

Sigh! I still didn’t enrol my daughter for guitar lesson and she is already so itchy about it since I promised to her as soon as she quits her swimming, I would enrol her immediately this month. But every Saturday I get too busy that sending her to the music studio in the city is just so hard to accomplish, I hope I can do it next Saturday. But even I did not enrol her yet; I am now starting to look for nice guitar for her in the mall last Saturday. My friend suggested that if I would buy a guitar for my daughter I should bring her teacher or someone who is expert on guitar, which reminds me of jazzmaster at Musician’s Friend, I am certain I will never go wrong when I checked those items on their site. My husband liked the idea, and if I could picked one that’s best for my daughter, he said that he will just be the one to send it to me or bring it himself, I’d like the second idea though but the question is when he could come as he said he is quiet busy with work this month and I have to sigh again!

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My House Has Two Visitors Today

I am so surprised that this house has visitors today; in fact I received 2 guests today. My friend Genny who is a blogger informed me that her Internet is not working at all and yet she still have so many things she needs to write. Of course, I invited her in since we won’t go out this day. In a moment later, she arrived with her laptop, and in a bit we hooked it up with my router. We were already busied ourselves writing when I received a message from my friend that she wanted to dropped by at home because she sent her car to the shop nearby. So instead of getting busy with my blog, I went up to her and together we finished 3 bottles of coke while talking with our whereabouts, it has been a while since Joyce and I were not able to hear our whereabouts, and today is rare to happen so instead of getting myself busy with my task, I talked to my friend non-stop. It was good for Genny because she was able to concentrate without me bugging her to chitchats.

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A Gift For Our Pet Hana

I just had so much fun last night because my husband and Faith made faces in the webcam. My husband even showed Hana again to his daughter. Hana is the long-time pet of my husband and she is a cat. And since it is Christmas season once again, I’d like to surprise my husband a memory foam cat beds for Hana. I am sure my husband would love it, I was planning to buy my husband a gift but he told me that I don’t have to bother him a gift, it would be nice if I would look for something for our pet to use during winter season. Our cat is so special to me, as she is keeping my husband’s company in Maryland while we are not there. How I wish my husband could bring the cat with him when he will decide to live here with us.

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