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School Shoes On December

I and Mj went out today to buy her a school shoes, the school shoes that I bought for her last June was already damaged. I don’t know why, while it was even branded, I mean they said that the brand is known for its quality and durability but I guess it still won’t last with Mj. So Mj decided to withdraw her money from the bank to buy her shoes. Really, this saving thing could help her to have the wisdom to save because she could buy anything she wants when the money reaches the amount that she needs.

The shoes that she bought were still the Gibi brand, she is certain that the one she chooses will last a lifetime. Oh well, I can’t say no because it was her money after all.

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Proper Clothing For Equestrian

My eldest daughter is tired of swimming.  She may want to go back to swimming someday, but for now she needs a break.  She was asking about and alternative activity and I thought maybe horseback riding might be fun for her.  Of course for any equestrian event, the proper equestrian clothing is desirable.  Not only should she be a skilled rider, she should look the part.  I have never been on a horse, but then again, I did not have the opportunities I can provide our kids.  I would love to see my daughter on a horse dressed in the best equestrian clothing, and maybe I would enjoy  it too.

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