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Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 for me has many ups and downs but I am glad I am still here and stood still. I am so happy that my eldest daughter has proved enough for her swimming. In fact she became successful for it and I am so proud of her achievements. Faith has been doing well at her school, she would participate even that means she has to go on the stage. But along those achievements and success, we are still sad because until now we are still not together with my husband. However that would not stop of having a happy new year tonight! And you too, so I would greet you happy new year to each one of you!
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Before The Year-End

Before the year end, I would like to show you our Christmas tree that was only put up this month. This Christmas tree has been with us for like years already, 8 years to be exact but still even the test of time could not put it down, it stand by us during holidays. 

This is our home sweet home, it is small, simple but like it.

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Kids Nowadays

I had a fight with my eldest daughter again tonight; she was just a pain in the butt lately. When I asked her something she would always tell me “wait”. I keep on telling her to cut that out because it is really not good until tonight, I have lost my patience towards her. When she finished her training, she and her friends went to the bathroom immediately to take a shower, we were waiting at the club house, I already told her to hurry up but she did not so since it took her a while to take a shower, we were not able to buy 2 bulbs for two bedrooms because the store was already closed. Good thing the pharmacy still open so I was able to buy my medicine for my cough. Geez, sometimes kids are unaware of their parent’s hard work, they just thought that the things in this life is always the bed of roses. Honestly I get too tired but I know I just can’t because they are just kids and that they still need us more than anyone in this world. I just hope they understand why we get mad at them, why we scold and reprimanded them and I hope they would realized that whenever we correct their mistakes, these are all for them so they would grow up decent and well-disciplined.

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You Can Make A Difference: Please Help The Victims Of Bagyong Sendong

There are many homes were washed away by Typhoon Sendong. While everyone was comfortable on their sleeps, many of us were shaken by the flash floods brought by this typhoon. I would cry so hard whenever I saw some families trying to look for their love ones who are missing after the attack of Bagyong Sendong. I tried to look for means to help, even just a little; I guess it will do good for them already. There are many ways to help; you just have to choose any organization that is open for donations for the victims for Typhoon Sendong.

NOTE: This is reposted for the sole purpose of seeking more help for CDO FLOOD VICTIMS

By: Rovelyn 

Cagayan de Oro is like a home to me. I was actually there a few weeks ago appreciating the beauty of the city, enjoying the festivities of my Alma Mater and loving the warm welcome of my family and friends. But now, Sendong’s wrath changed everything. The devastation brought about by Typhoon Sendong have left thousands of families mourning and displaced. As of this time, death toll has already reached more than a thousand and still increasing and more than 276,000 people remain homeless and sheltered by evacuation centers.As a Kagay-anon, it breaks my heart to see my countrymen in such a helpless state. I know that in my own little way, I need to do something to help. The first thing I did was re post in my other blog the call to HELP CAGAYAN DE ORO and I am so happy upon knowing that many of my friends responded. Others called me and confirmed their willingness to donate. During that time I recommended that donations be given to the foundations and groups stated in my blog. Donations in any form will be given to all the victims anyway.Until, this particular blogger friend from the US who wishes not to be named, reached out and send monetary help to my sister in Cagayan de Oro and even encouraged some of her blogpals to donate and help in the cause of providing mats and blankets to 240 families staying at Xavier Heights Gym in Balulang thus “Bloggers Blanket” was given birth. The victims are somehow surviving day by day with the food and clothes from other donors and also from the barangay. What they are asking right now are mats and blankets for them to at least combat the cold weather and the coldness of the cemented flooring inside the gym.

As of the moment, the funds gathered by Bloggers Blanket are not yet enough to give a pair of mat and blanket to all the families in the community. You might wonder, what’s the difference between donating to a big agency or to an organized group compared to Bloggers Blanket, I can say that there’s a lot. First, you can be very sure that your donations will go directly to the recipients. Second, the only interest and objective of the group is to help the victims directly which means that corruption has no place in the group. Photos and documentation of the activities will be visible through the blog posts of this blog and the blogs of some supporters and finally someone from the group is tasked to account everything and will make sure that every penny goes to the recipients. When you donate, you can help these people rebuild their lives…

These kids are waiting for your support. Please make their lives a little better
Victims of Sendong housed at Xavier Heights Gym in Balulang.
Bloggers Blanket aims to provide mats, blankets and a little financial support to these families for them to start anew. Distribution of relief goods are facilitated by my sister Allyn, her husband Cy and her SIL Cindy. If you want to be a part of this cause, please send your donations via Paypal to: 

Your support will really make a big difference in the lives of this people. May the Lord give you back all the blessings you share more than a hundred times. Please be a part of this cause. Share your blessings and spread love and joy this Christmas.

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