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Maid Of The Maid Of Honor

That was what we kid ourselves this morning when we attend a wedding party this afternoon. We were not actually invited but through Clarinda, her cousin and I were able to attend the party.

It was my first time to witness a Church Wedding and how it was prepared! Whew! From flowers arrangement till the end of the ceremony, The Maid of Honor has always been there for the Bride. I admit I don’t have a talent with that stuff, but with Clarinda I think I ought to learn something and with her expect your wedding would be oh! So perfect!

That is why I did not hesitate to help a little, well it was only a little fix here and there though so that was no sweat in fact I enjoyed it a lot. I feel like I was really invited because I was able to help! And I was able to have some clues about wedding and its preparation.

Thanks to Junna because she let us witness the number one unforgettable event in her life, her wedding. Congratulation girl! Your wedding is a success. And to Clarinda, you are one of a kind girl, it was indeed a good job! Congratulations, And oh! Don’t forget me in your wedding day! [ASSUUSSS]

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