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I Was Not Here

Yesterday was a busy day; we rose up early in the morning to prepare ourselves for the party at school. I prepared not only Mj but Faith as well. I have to do this and that yet, preparing the things here and there.

We had the Mascot in the party whom Faith got afraid, when the Mascot touched her face she automatically turn her back and hug me tight. Mj was asked to stand up to sing a song but she was not able to finish it because she did not memorize the lyrics.

11:00 a.m. we got home, my previous workmate reminded me of the get together we will going to have later in the afternoon, since I did not get enough sleep at night, I hurriedly went to the bedroom with Faith so I can rest at least for how many hours before going to the get together with my workmate.

When I went back home at 11:00 p.m. I went immediately to my computer right after I checked the kids. When I already logged in, I notice that the background of my desktop was changed, I tried to put the previous background but can’t! It was like it was locked and cannot change anything. When I checked the start program, some programs were not there, too and virus scanner, which is avast, and avg were not already in the bottom in my computer even my YM picture did not show up.

I was agitated and frustrated I want the old settings back. I asked Kuya James this morning to install everything and get the settings I had before and he said he would do that tonight. Thank GOD! I hope to have my old setting back by tomorrow.

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