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Bring To Mind The First Time

Got this tag from Chelle of My Daily Diary. Thanks to you girl, anyway this tag is about reminiscing the past where you and your husband met the first time. [LOL] {I have to dig over all the old pictures we had before]

Here are the rules:

  1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
  2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions.
  3. Share to how many friends you like.
  4. Enjoy doing it c:
  5. Let your hubby read it too.

Can you remember the day the first met your hubby? When was that?

I met him first in Public Chat in a certain website around October, he spoke to our dialect so I asked him if he is a Filipino and said he is not. The first time I met him in person was at the airport, he called me over the phone and informed me that he is there at the airport waiting for me, I suddenly got up from a deep sleep at my workmate pad.

First Impression?

He is more good looking in person too different from the web cam.

Were you friends before he became your boyfriend?

Yes, he courted me one month.

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?

When he first sent me a basket of flowers and chocolates on my birthday that was my sign that he is the one for me and when he gave me our engagement ring the first time he went here right after I fetch him at the airport.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?

He accepted me as what I am, a good father to our kids, a very understanding man, a very supportive loving husband.

I’ll share this tag to the following:

Claire, Jhlea, Selina, Grace, Jessienie, Chrissy, Jacy, Melody and Ann.

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Her Letter

When I slowly the greeting card from my niece Mariel, I was surprised because inside was content a letter.

You may expect some touchy message from her but naahh! It was not at all because I found myself laughing so hard when I read every line of it. I shared it with sister Irenei and her Mom online, they were laughing so loud as well. Here is the letter:

Dear Mary Ann (See she didn’t said Ate Mary Ann, Grrr) Bow x’0

What will I tell? I cannot think of the exact words to say here. I could have given this to Mama but she is not here, so I have forced myself to give this letter to you! [hehehe Joke!] My handwritten is bad as well as the card. Grrr if only our teacher did not said that this should be a home made card I might not doing this. Come what may!

The only thing I could say is can you give me ten pesos today? So I can buy you a flower by tomorrow, will you give me? Wahhh Faith woke up smiling at me, uhmmm you would probably think that I was noisy in the room that’s why she woke up, but no! I was not. She just woke up all so sudden and smiling at me.

Uhmm I’ll be serious this time—–> when will we buy our Christmas Gift for our school party??? Hahaha!!! Just joking! this time I’ll be a little serious—–> I’ll be going to another Christmas Party on that afternoon, te will you allow me? Please Te? Promise ha? Hehehe!!! There’s more at the back, you must be tired now of reading this because I wrote so nonsense hehehe!

Anyway, te thank you for giving me baon, can you make an increase te? Co’z the fare is rising up going school. Joke! Joke! But if you would increase it te, it is all right with me. [LOL] but if not its still ok.

Thank you Te and Mommy Irenie too for giving me everything even though my Mama is not here, you were both there to support me all my needs. Although sometimes I forgot to say thank you for all your patience with me, I just so shy to express it. I feel it is so OA to tell you how I am thankful to have you care for me. Thanks for being the producer oopps sorry! For being the guardian always to me

I must stop now, this making me insane for my letter is too long already. You didn’t might understand the letter at all. Te, don’t show this to Mommy Irenie and Mama ok. “Bantay lang jud ka” till here.


You would laugh more if you read the letter in our dialect.
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Hiding Their Gifts

Mariel has prepared her gift to me the night before the event in school, she made a home made greeting card, she said she will give the card to me on the next day yet.

Mj already prepared one for me at school; her teacher was the one who keep so assuring that the gifts will be given to us on that day.

When the principal asked us to stand up, I was excitedly stood up, waiting for them to give me the gifts, I know it was only a greeting card but importantly was the thought they wrote on the card.

I waited for how many minutes, never thought that the gift from Mj was already at my back. She just put it in the chair and then run away. I disbelievingly shake my head, she was never like this before, she always express herself to me but I guess things have been change.

When the Principal of the school announces that the high school students will also going to give us something, I stood up immediately. I expected her to give me the gift she told me that night, but to my disappointment I didn’t even saw her around.

It was lunchtime that Mariel gave me the greeting card and said she was shy to give it to me at school and Mj has the same reason too, when I asked what happen to them during the event.

Tsk, tsk, tsk kids these days!

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One Christmas Wish

I suddenly miss my parents when I attended the Parents Day at school last Sunday. The memories brought back in me especially when I listened the speech of one of the pupil at school. It was a thank you message to all the Parents who wants nothing else but the good of their children, the sacrifices, the understanding and the love. It is indeed an unconditional one, it is immeasurable, and no one can fathom the love of the parents to their kids.

I maybe unlucky not to had that long years with my Parents but I believe they were with me during the storms, celebrations, failures and achievements I had and even though I was too young to remember the good things they have done to us, they are and always be in my heart.

I miss them terribly if God would grant me one wish this Christmas, I may ask for them to celebrate with us on Christmas Eve.

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