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I Forgot To Budget It

I usually set my money aside for bills and the things I have to buy during the week but with my contributions that supposed to be settled yesterday slipped away in my mind.
I just remember about it when I went to the mall to buy Mj’s school supplies, but the thing was, if I withdraw some more from my ATM, I might be running out of cash both in my wallet and in my bank. Plus, I have to attain the tuition fee of Mj yet, I paid Mariel’s tuition fee already yesterday but since we bought a rubberized floor mat the other day as I have used some of the money intended for the tuition fee, my money would not enough then if I will pay both of the kids tuition fees.

I have to delay Mj’s fee since the exam will be set yet by next week. Now, I am running errands so to settle my contributions both in Pag Ibig and SSS plus the loan I acquire few months ago.

Thanks to honey for he sent me money right on time.

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Have Fun And Win Money

I sometimes get bored at home, since I resigned from work I have no time outside to have fun, all my friends are working at night time so they probably sleeping in the morning. Like me, I know you get bored too and want to explore some new things that you could enjoy at times.

Well, do you like the excitement of winning cash? Then, you maybe be interested in playing games of chance at an Online Casino.

If you have the Lady Luck on your side or are skilled at cards, if you know when to “Hold’em or when to Fold’em” then an Online casino may be for you.

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