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It Got Me

I normally write a post every night after the number of posts during the day, but laziness just got me. I was feeling so lousy of everything and my mind was totally blank.

When Terry message me that he was already online, that was the time yet I turned the computer on and while chatting with him, I was also updating Faith and Mj’s blog since I haven’t updated it yet since the other morning.

There were many things I actually wanted to do like taking pictures of the grills of our gate, uploading the new picture of Faith when her mouth encircles by black soup from the squid we had for dinner the other night, updating my multiply website, reading books, and doing some house chores and guess what? I haven’t accomplished anything.

It was not a boring day and all; it was just some laziness got me. I did not even exert my effort to bid for that thing. It was just nothing until Terry send me again another link for another movie entitles Quarantine, it was too scary that I need to shut it off because it was already late here, and I felt like any moment a zombie will appear from somewhere and bite me. [NAAAAAH]

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I Watched It Again

Whenever I find a certain movie so interesting and so enthralled just like The twilight. I just cant stopped watching it over and over again.

I search it through movie rumor but alas! the site did not exist anymore. I search it through You tube but I only got the trailer so on and so forth.

I must admit I got addicted with the movie and thanks to honey because he just send me the link that would satisfy my obsession. My honey is truly a hero!

He found it in Youku and while I am writing this, I am watching The Twilight too!

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